You’re testing me Apple. I’ve abstained from your iPhone ploy this year (even though I’m sporting an iPhone 6S), but I’ve never owned an iPad and I’m running a 5 year old Macbook Pro, which is closing in on upgrade territory.

If you’re looking to create something, anything really, then I seriously encourage you to listen to Seth Godin’s podcast Akimbo. The previous episode, You’re it seriously captures the reason that you should start NOW with that endeavour. Don’t wait. You’re wasting time. As am I.

Operation start using your iPhone less and take your Sony mirrorless camera everywhere is beginning to pay some dividends.

The constraint for Inktober this year is the number of pens I’m using and the size of paper, which are these super cheap postcards from Muji (12 for less than a dollar).

I can finally declare Autumn/Winter has begun here in Dubai. It’s been a really long summer so hoping to make full advantage of the good weather this year.

My wife is forever loosing her iPhone. Top tip. If you login from another device on iCloud (and assuming the phone is still got power and connected to the internet) you can cause it to ring, even if it’s put on mute. So awesome.

Phones and Cameras

After listen to The Minimalists on the Kevin Rose show, I came to a realisation. In my persuit to determine which iPhone I should be buying this year, it turns out I really don’t need to get one after all.

The reason for upgrading isn’t because the phone is slow, lacks some essential feature or that certain apps don’t run on it. Rather the only reason to upgrade is for the camera.

Except I already own a pretty decent camera, the NEX-F3. I bought it just before Zane was born (so a little over 4 years ago now) and seem to have stopped using it 2 years ago. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe I bought into the whole ‘the best camera is the one on you’ ideaology?

A quick read of a Wirecutter article I bookmarked in 2013, led me to circling onto several Sigma lens that will help me get better photos. The bonus to all this is that they’re at a pretty reduced price point at the moment. And while we’re here, we might as well talk about one of my favourite article about photography to brush up on some things.

Netflix has seriously changed how I consume some of my entertainment. Thankfully Better Call Saul isn’t on that network which means I have to wait for a new episode every week. Somehow gives my week a little bit of relief as it’s the only show I’m watching these days.

I stumbled upon a truly incredible graph today that showed all the various types of Photovoltaic panel technology and their efficiency progress mapped across the years. What’s astounding is the innovation that is happening in this space, showing where the future will be.

Everything old is new again. New faces in the office as our team slowly continues it’s transformation. I’m obviously aware (sometimes painfully) that nothing in life stays the same. When life kicks your ass, first tidy everything up and then assess and review.

Finally got the bluetooth in my car sorted out. It’s only taken a couple of years and $100 to get it sorted. I’ll never understand why Audi don’t enable this simple feature to begin with but there you have it. Now I can listen to my tunes through proper speakers.

It’s getting easier to draw these scenes. The funny thing being that once I gave up on drawing comics I’ve allowed myself to draw these types of things.

Ok I’ve not bought any new Field Notes in a year. I still have a healthy stash and could easily remain stocked up for several years to come….however these Ram edition are really testing my Field Notes abstinence.

These three F1 2021 concepts as revealed on the F1 website show a future of motosport that looks exciting. They’re also meant delivers to deliver closer driving and wheel to wheel action.

Rough couple of days. Zane caught something from school, which he gave to me, which I gave to the wife. The joys of a new school year I guess and all the delightful viruses that are given the opportunity to jump from one child to the other. Good news is it’s nearly over.

My favourite feeling these days is that moment I step into the house, after work, and my boy Ryan is genuinely happy and excited to see me. It never lasts very long so I’m cherishing these moments.