I didn’t know The Economist is also available for the Kindle (US, UK and Germany only). First month is free and then a pretty reasonable monthly price (for me in the Middle East that’s a 60% saving). Easily my favourite news publication.

The Comics Journal is coming back to print. That’s probably the best news I’ve heard in a good long while. Easily one of my most satisfying magazine publications and has been sorely missed these years.

Last few days have been a bit all over the place, which was not helped by the world cup final, but the excuse being it comes around every 4 years. Super excited about the possibilities for the coming month, hit my training hard and achieve a major milestone on my project. Go!

Back in Dubai without the kids and wife is weird. This is the first time since the kids were born that I’m away from them for an extended period of time. I guess I’m in good company considering how all the fathers follow a very similar line.

Also using wifi from within the airplane is crazy…I guess technology is bound to move forward wherever it can.

🎥 Finally watched Thor: Ragnarok. It’s everything you can expect and so much more (characters, story, visuals, humour, imagination). Haven’t had this much fun with a movie in a really long time. Big thumbs up 👍.

Last day of my holidays (tomorrow is a travel day so doesn’t really count). It’s been a bit short in parts but overall I think I’ve reset my brain a little bit. Spent a decent amount of time with the family (new and old), read a book and updated my Micro.blog.

Who's Next?

It’s been 3½ years since I came to Lebanon. I’d like to say that things have changed here, but they really haven’t. The poor and tired infrastructure has been left in complete disrepair and it’s crumbling. Creaking under it’s own weight. The lack of town planning and proper governmental checks and balances continues to produce…ugliness.

The situation has been exacerbated by the influx of Syrian refugees. The sectarian wars that used to be played out in Lebanon have now achieved a much larger platform in Syria and the evil has spread far and wide. 12M displaced people and a whole generation of children being raised in poor conditions.

My fear is that if the situation doesn’t improve in a meaningful way, this region will only get worse and wars will eventually play out on an even larger scale. The region has been ripped apart for over 60 years, one country at a time (Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen have all fallen). Who’s next?

I’ve been decompressing these last two weeks. Part of my brain is getting a little antsy but as I have an intense period coming up, taking things slowly (and frankly lazily) might be the best preparation for the month ahead.

Years from now, when you’re older (and likely taller than me), I’ll remind you how tiny you actually were.

Every 3rd of July my Feedbin subscription is up for renewal. Since July 2013, I have relied on this service and happily pay the price of admission for a products that continues to improve year on year for the same price. Best RSS reader on the market.

For me the unmistakable sound of Beirut is the car horn which begins to propagate throughout the city early. The horn is used for everything -

Watch out!
Come down, I’m here.
Outta the way buddy, I wanna park.
Come take my order please, I’m waiting.
Want a taxi somewhere?